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Amelia pedestrian hit by truck, killed | Richmond Times-Dispatch

January 8, 2009 Leave a comment

Amelia pedestrian hit by truck, killed | Richmond Times-Dispatch.


Rashmikant Dahyadhai Tatel of Amelia was walking along US Route 360 around 6pm on the night of January 7, when he was hit and killed by a pickup truck.

Brandon Finch of Amelia was driving a 1986 Dodge truck when he struck Mr. Tatel near US 360 Business.  Mr. Tatel was pronounced dead at the scene.

This accident is a sad reminder that it is important to slow down and try and be aware of pedestrians and bicyclists that share the roads with cars.  It seems that there have been more people walking and biking lately and they often have no sidewalks or separate lane to use in their travels.

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Low cost rabies vaccine in Hanover, Virginia on Jan 10.

January 5, 2009 5 comments

Low cost rabies vaccine in Virginia Jan 10..


At the Hanover County Parks and Rec building in Ashland, Virginia, there will be a rabies vaccination clinic for pets.  Rabies vaccination will cost $7.  Also there will be dog licenses available for $6.


It is important to make sure that all you pets are vaccinated for rabies.  If they are not vaccinated then they may be at risk and put their owners or others at risk in the case of a bite.

Steps to Take If You’re Involved in a Tractor Trailer Accident in Virginia

January 5, 2009 Leave a comment

On our highways it’s very common to see tractor-trailers, or semi-trucks, carrying goods to consumers. Unfortunately, these tractor trailers are involved in many accidents with other motor vehicles. There are many contributing factors in tractor trailer wrecks including aggressive driving, speeding, driver fatigue, overloading, failing breaks, defective roadways, and weather, just to name a few.

If you are involved in a tractor trailer accident in Virginia, here are some steps you can take to protect yourself:

1. Make an assessment of your injuries. If you feel that you have been severely injured, don’t move and try to remain calm until a medical or a police team has arrived.

2. Take note of the scene around you and check to see if anyone else was hurt. If possible, call 911 or if there are any witnesses around, have them call for you.

3. If you can, move yourself and your vehicle to a safe area on the side of the road. Get as far away from the highway or roadway traffic as possible and set flares on the road about 100 feet in front of the accident if you have them.

4. Gather as much information as you can including names, addresses, driver’s licenses, and telephone numbers of anyone involved in the accident. Write down a description of the tractor trailer and all the events that happened before and after the accident. You may have to provide this information to insurance adjusters, your accident attorney, or even to a judge.

5. When questioned by the police, be honest and truthful about what happened.

6. Contact an accident lawyer in Richmond as soon as possible – especially if you suffered severe injuries. Keep in mind that the trucking company and their insurance company will try their best to minimize what happened, so it’s very important to hire a lawyer.

A Decrease In SUV Rollovers In the Future?

January 5, 2009 Leave a comment

Did you know that sport utility vehicles (SUVs) have the the highest rate of deaths occurring in rollover wrecks? According to the Federal National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 61% of fatalities in rollover crashes come from SUVs.

Because of the height and size of an SUV, it has the propensity to rollover when it is steered hard in an accident avoidance maneuver. Many SUVs have a higher center of gravity and a narrower distance between the wheels which contributes to a rollover. In recent years there has been much consumer demand for SUVs and car makers continue to churn out these vehicles without making any changes to protect drivers and passengers. An SUV rollover not only is dangerous to the driver and passengers in the SUV, it’s dangerous for other cars that are on the road when a rollover happens.

However, all this could change in the future because the government is requiring automakers to install anti-rollover technology in all vehicles by 2012. According to this article at CBS News, the technology, known as electronic stability control, or ESC, has been called the greatest safety advance since the seat belt. The technology helps drivers avoid skidding on icy or slick roads and maintain control of their vehicles when swerving to avoid an unexpected object in the middle of the road. It’s possible that this new technology could possibly save up to 9,600 lives annually.

An SUV rollover case in Richmond can be quite complex, as any auto accident case is. Knowledge of Virginia laws governing negligence as well as federal safety regulations is important, which dictates the help of an experienced accident attorney who is aware of all these laws and regulations.

If you have been injured in an SUV rollover accident, call O’Bryan Law at 1-800-372-4099 for a free consultation.

Troopers, deputies crack down on driving violators

December 31, 2008 Leave a comment

The Mechanicsville Local  reports that the Hanover County Sheriff’s Office is cracking down on drunk drivers this holiday with random, unannounced sobriety checkpoints.

There are more police officers on the streets, including some volunteer law enforcement officers.  Also there are many overtime patrols and 75% of State Troopers are working during this period.

Also there are specially trained mountain bike patrols in parking lots and retail areas.  The bikes allow them to move quickly in heavy traffic yet still be accessible by citizens.

State Police recommend you be aware of the three Ds while driving:

1. Distracted driving.  Try not to use your cell hone, PDA or ipod while driving.

2. Drowsy driving.  Make sure you get enough rest to avoid any unfortunate accidents.

3. Drunk driving.  Make sure you plan ahead and have a sober designated driver before you go out drinking.  A cab costs a lot less than a DUI fine.

Fatal truck accident on Interstate 85 in Dinwiddie

December 30, 2008 Leave a comment

The Richmond Times-Dispatch has a new report of a fatal wreck that happened in Dinwiddie County yesterday on I-85 about one mile north of Route 40.

Edmund J. Brucato Jr of Waterbury, CT was driving his 2004 Ford Taurus with a U-Haul trailer in tow. He attempted to switch lanes and his trailer struck the front of a Kenworth tractor-trailer causing both vehicles to veer off the road. The tractor trailer then rolled over onto its side and on top of Mr. Brucato’s vehicle. Mr. Brucato died at the scene.

Please remember to always be extremely careful when changing lanes in your vehicle. It is a dangerous maneuver that people take for granted. Make sure to always check your blind spot and try not to cut anybody off by moving right in front of another vehicle.

Driving is probably the most dangerous thing you do on a daily basis. O’Bryan Law reminds you to please be careful while driving.

Do SUVs Cost More to Insure?

December 30, 2008 Leave a comment

International Business Times asks the question Do SUVs Cost More to Insure?.

While you feel safer in an SUV because of its weight and size, those very elements increase the chance that your SUV will roll over or cause major damage to other cars and their passengers during an accident. Car insurance providers consider these factors and more when determining your car insurance rates.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that you are three times more likely to rollover in an SUV than in a car. SUV’s are top-heavy due to their height and more prone to rollovers when performing quick maneuvers and sharp turns.

Also an SUVs bumpers are higher than a car’s bumpers, thus causing more damage and passenger injury to any car struck by an SUV in an accident.

Their conclusion?

Will You Spend More on Car Insurance With a SUV?

Because your SUV doesn’t have to meet federal government bumper standards, even small accidents can cause a lot of damageand large claims. Its tendency to rollover also results in larger repair and medical expenses.

Attorney Wayne O’Bryan at O’Bryan Law has a lot of experience dealing with SUV rollover accidents. If you are involved in a wreck that is caused by an SUV then please contact him for a free consultation.

Wrongful-death suit settlements can be hidden from public

December 30, 2008 Comments off

A recent article from The Richmond Times-Dispatch says that The Virginia Supreme Court has recently ruled that wrongful-death settlements are public documents that can not be kept confidential.

A summary of the court’s opinion:

In wrongful death litigations under Code § 8.01-50 in which settlement agreements were achieved through mediation, the circuit court did not err in requiring the settling parties to file written petitions reciting the financial terms of the compromise settlements in order to obtain court approval pursuant to Code § 8.01-55. The presumption of public access to court records mandated by Code § 17.1-208 and the provisions of Code § 8.01-581.22 governing confidentiality of mediation proceedings are considered, and the decision of the circuit court denying a request to partially seal the records in these cases by permitting the redaction of the monetary amounts of the compromise settlements in the court records is reviewed. The judgment is affirmed and the case is remanded for filing of unredacted records.

Some people still try to hide them by filing them in courts hundreds of miles away from where the cases are first filed.

There are many instances where the public has a right to know about a wrongful-death settlement. Drug liability and product liability cases should not be kept secret so that others in the same situation can have knowledge of what has happened in previous case rulings.

NHTSA Launches Winter Holiday Crackdown on Drunk Drivers

December 24, 2008 Leave a comment

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration(NHTSA) has a new press release about a national crackdown against impaired driving that involves thousands of law enforcement agencies throughout the country and runs through the New Year’s holiday.

“Drunk driving is one of the most serious, and preventable, dangers we face on our roadways,” NHTSA Acting Administrator David Kelly said. “Sadly, the death toll from drunk-driving crashes is higher between Christmas and New Year’s than any other time.”

A copy of a new statistical report, which provides state-by-state holiday drunk driving fatalities by age group, can be downloaded here.

Please have a safe and happy holiday season and remember that Virginia has some of the toughest impaired driving laws in the nation.

CJW Medical Center opens a new pediatric emergency unit

December 24, 2008 Leave a comment

The Midlothian Exchange has an article about a new pediatric emergency unit that opened December 18 at Chippenham Johnson-Willis Medical Center’s Chippenham campus.

The number of beds has been increased and moved into an area dedicated to children and their families.

“The CJW Chippenham Medical Center Pediatric Emergency Department is the Southside’s only emergency care facility in the Richmond area staffed 24 hours a day by board-certified pediatricians,” said Dr. Peter Mellis, Chief of Pediatric Emergency Medicine at CJW Medical Center. “We seek to give children timely and excellent emergency care day or night.”


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