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I can’t afford to pay a lawyer! How much is the legal fee?

How much do the attorney’s charge? Is it just going to cost me money that the insurance company is going to pay me anyway? How can I fight the insurance company with all their money and high priced attorneys?

The good news is that you can fight the big insurers and their legal counsel. If you believe that your claim has been unfairly denied, or that the insurance company has acted unreasonably in handling the claim, do not simply let it go. Pursue your claim, assert your rights. You can fight and win.

You don’t always need a lawyer but if you have an insurance claim or have been injured you can’t afford not to talk to one.

One of your biggest concerns may be that you cannot afford a lawyer. Don’t worry. I understand that you are worried about what has happened to you and that you are unsure of what to do. You are unsure whether you can afford a lawyer, how much a lawyer costs, and how to find a good lawyer.

In injury cases most lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. That means that the lawyer’s fee is paid at the end of the case if, and only if, a recovery is made. In other words, if the case is lost, there is no attorney’s fee.

Most lawyers also pay up front expenses, like the costs of accident reports, medical records and doctor’s testimony fees. These are reimbursable by the client at the end of the case.

Our contingency fee is 33 1/3 per cent on the recovery if the case is settled before suit is filed.

Probably 90% of our cases settle without filing suit and even those that are filed usually settle before going to trial.

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