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Steps to Take If You’re Involved in a Tractor Trailer Accident in Virginia

On our highways it’s very common to see tractor-trailers, or semi-trucks, carrying goods to consumers. Unfortunately, these tractor trailers are involved in many accidents with other motor vehicles. There are many contributing factors in tractor trailer wrecks including aggressive driving, speeding, driver fatigue, overloading, failing breaks, defective roadways, and weather, just to name a few.

If you are involved in a tractor trailer accident in Virginia, here are some steps you can take to protect yourself:

1. Make an assessment of your injuries. If you feel that you have been severely injured, don’t move and try to remain calm until a medical or a police team has arrived.

2. Take note of the scene around you and check to see if anyone else was hurt. If possible, call 911 or if there are any witnesses around, have them call for you.

3. If you can, move yourself and your vehicle to a safe area on the side of the road. Get as far away from the highway or roadway traffic as possible and set flares on the road about 100 feet in front of the accident if you have them.

4. Gather as much information as you can including names, addresses, driver’s licenses, and telephone numbers of anyone involved in the accident. Write down a description of the tractor trailer and all the events that happened before and after the accident. You may have to provide this information to insurance adjusters, your accident attorney, or even to a judge.

5. When questioned by the police, be honest and truthful about what happened.

6. Contact an accident lawyer in Richmond as soon as possible – especially if you suffered severe injuries. Keep in mind that the trucking company and their insurance company will try their best to minimize what happened, so it’s very important to hire a lawyer.

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