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State Police make road restrictions for Obama inauguration

The Virginia State Police have issued a press release addressing issues related to the inauguration happening in Washington, DC on Tuesday January 20.

The State Police advise people attending the inauguration to prepare for bad weather, severe traffic congestion, long lines and huge crowds.

“As individuals, groups and others get organized and begin making arrangements to attend this remarkable
milestone in our nation’s history, we ask that they take time to also be adequately prepared,” says Colonel W.
Steven Flaherty, Virginia State Police Superintendent. “With so many expected to attend the various inaugural
events, we do anticipate significant traffic delays throughout Northern Virginia and points south, as well as the
potential for inclement weather and large crowds.”

There is more information available at the Virginia State Police site as well as the official Presidential Inauguration site

If you are planning to go to the inauguration please be well prepared to spend many hours outside in the cold and potentially wet weather. Make sure you dress in layers to keep warm and wear your best walking shoes.

Also give consideration to using public transportation. Driving into Washington DC will be even more difficult than usual and the security level will be very high. Many roads and bridges will be closed and parking restricted to certain areas.

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