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6-Year-Old Drives Himself To School

Most kids are happy to stay home from school if they’ve missed the school bus in the morning, but not a 6-year-old boy from Virginia’s Northern Neck. Recently a first grader took the keys to his parent’s Ford Taurus and drove himself to Northumberland Elementary School.

The boy’s father was at work while the mother was fast asleep. After about 10 miles of weaving in and out of traffic, witnesses observed the boy crossing a double line and saw a tractor-trailer coming towards him in the other lane. He whipped back into his lane, but lost control of the car and ended up hitting a utility pole.

Thankfully, the boy came out of the car accident alive, but now his parents, David E. Dodson and Jacqulyn D. Waltman, are under arrest for child endangerment. The boy and his brother are currently under foster care.

This is definitely a lesson for parents to teach their kids the dangers of driving a car on their own. Just because they play video games such as Grand Theft Auto and Monster Truck Jam, that doesn’t make them an expert driver! Perhaps your kids wouldn’t dare do something like this, but you never know! As a precaution: Always keep your car keys in a place where the kids can’t get a hold of them.

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For more information see this article in The Washington Post.

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