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FAQ: Why does the adjuster keep calling me and asking for information?

When you get into a car or truck accident you will often be contacted by the car accident adjuster who represents the insurance company of the vehicle that hit you, don’t answer any questions.

You might want to know that the reason the adjuster wants all this information from you is so the insurance company can find some reason – any reason – to deny or minimize your case.

You shouldn’t be talking to this adjuster. There is no requirement that you speak to him or her. It does not benefit you to speak to this type of adjuster. The adjuster is trying to get information that he or she plans to use against you in your claim.

The adjuster may ask you to do a number of things such as sign a medical release or give a sworn statement. If you sign a medical release you give the insurance company access to your entire medical history. They can use this information of prior injuries to try and deny your claim.

By the time most injured people get to an offer, the insurance company has a file full of reasons to offer as little as possible — any all the reasons were provided by the unsuspecting injured person.

How do you like that? You help the adjuster dig your own grave.

A lawyer will talk to the insurance company adjuster for you as well as gather all the needed bills and records relevant to your case. An attorney has the knowledge of other types of insurance coverage that you may be entitled to collect. Things you may not know about such as uninsured motorist coverage.

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