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Augusta County School Bus Accident | Richmond Virginia accident injury lawyer

Augusta County School Bus Accident.

Augusta County School officials say an accident involving a bus carrying students sent five to the hospital Tuesday morning.

It happened about 7:40 a.m. near the 400 block of Baynes Road near Dooms. Police say bus 107 was stopped to pick up a child when a Ford Focus ran into the back of it.

A school crisis team was sent to the scene. The director of transportation as well as Cassell Elementary Principal Dr. Mindy Garber worked to ensure every student was helped.

The bus was carrying a 13 children from Hugh K. Cassell Elementary school when the crash occurred, said Bill Schindler, director of transportation for Augusta County Public Schools.

Three students were sent to Augusta Medical Center in Fishersville for observation immediately after the accident. A fourth student was later driven to AMC. All were released. The bus driver was taken to AMC. She also was released, Schindler said.

Parents of the children riding the school bus were notified of the accident.

Dooms Fire Chief Mike Fisher says the three students had mild injuries, while the driver of the Ford Focus suffered moderate injuries.

The rest of the students went on to class.

Virginia State Police have charged the driver of the car, 39-year-old Brian Keith Johnston, with reckless driving.

Please be careful when you are driving behind a school bus. You should always give them plenty of space and be aware that they could suddenly stop at any time. It is outrageous that people drive with such disregard around a bus full of young children and endanger them.

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