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California Appeals Court hears case on faulty propane heater | Virginia propane explosion lawyer

On Tuesday May 19, a California Appeals Court heard arguments in a case involving a faulty Coleman propane heater that exploded and injured a young boy while he was out camping with his family.

The Court is ruling on whether a trial judge was right in ordering the release of key documents that may show whether Coleman knowingly violated a California statute which allegedly led to the catastrophic injuries.

Coleman sold the heater in a box showing its use in a house with a mom holding a baby on her lap with a notation expressing the heater was safe for indoor use. The statute clearly states that non-vented portable heaters cannot be sold for use indoors.

The lawsuit alleges that Coleman knew the specific model was faulty because of numerous complaints, warranty claims, injuries and fires. Yet, despite knowing this, Coleman still made and sold the propane heater. Yet another example of a corporation putting money instead of people.

On a camping trip in December of 2005 Trevor Dennis was severely burned after his family camping trailer, which was being heated by a Model 5053 ProCat™ PefecTemp™ Coleman propane heater, caught on fire when the heater malfunctioned. The trailer was destroyed and Trevor sustained severe burns over much of his body that will require extensive ongoing medical care.

Luckily the Dennis family is being represented by the Bisnar/Chase Law Firm which is aggressive and experienced in fighting big corporations that make and sell defective products. Let’s hope the judge does the right thing and makes Coleman pay restitution for its wrongdoing.

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