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Bicyclist Pinned Beneath Tractor Trailer | Virginia Accident Injury Lawyer

Chesterfield County, Virginia – A young man was rushed to the hospital Tuesday night, after the bicycle that he was riding was hit by a tractor trailer in Chesterfield County.

It happened at the intersection of Old Stage Road and Ware Bottom Spring Road, near the John Tyler Community College.

Investigators say the man was on his bike, when he was struck by the trailer of the truck, and dragged about fifty feet. He then became pinned underneath the rear tires of the vehicle.

Chesterfield firefighters say that the victim had to be freed with a heavy duty tow truck, and was flown to VCU Medical Center. No word on his condition.

via WTVR Channel 6

This is a very unfortunate accident and I’m sure that the bicycle rider suffered severe personal injuries in this wreck. Being stuck under trailer, dragged fifty feet and then trapped under the wheels of the truck, it seems to be a miracle that the bike rider survived.

Please try and be more observant of bike riders on the roads. I have been seeing more and more of them lately as the economy worsens. I suppose a lot of people either can’t afford a car or are choosing to save money and/or get exercise through bicycling.

Also for all you bikers out there please try and follow the laws and wear your helmet at all times. Some bikers are reckless on the roads and are in risk of getting hit. Just this morning on the way to work, I saw a bike traveling toward me in my lane. If he hadn’t moved at the last minute we would have had a head on collision. I was very surprised by this and watched in my rear view mirror as he swerved across two lanes of traffic and onto the sidewalk.

Look for my upcoming blog on bike safety tips.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a bike accident or a tractor trailer wreck make sure and get the Virginia Accident Injury Book. It is free and available to accident victims in Virginia.


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