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Questions adjusters hate 2 | Virginia personal injury lawyer

Why do I need to sign your medical authorization to settle my claim?

The adjuster wants you to give them unrestricted access to your past medical history so the insurance company can find out anything and everything about your past medical history.

This will help them to either deny your claim or give you an unfair and unreasonable settlement. The more information you give the adjuster, the more the insurance company has to use against you.

The insurance company is looking for any excuse it can find to pay you less on your claim because that is how the insurance company makes profit. The less they pay you, the more they can keep for themselves.

You can get your own accident-related medical records and submit them to the insurance company, but often they don’t accept this unless you are represented by a lawyer.

More information about insurance companies and their tricks can be found in my Virginia Accident Injury Book. It’s free to accident victims in Virginia.

I am also available for free no-obligation consultations about your personal injury case. Call 804-643-4343 today to talk to a lawyer now!

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