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School Bus Accident in Richmond Leaves Two Injured | Richmond Accident Attorney

On May 31st Richmond fire fighters were dispatched to a school bus accident on Commerce Road.  The bus driver swerved to avoid hitting a man on a moped.  The bus then hit a power pole and a truck parked in a parking lot.  Fortunately, a police officer witnessed the accident and was able to catch the man on the moped.

Fire fighters worked to remove the two injured people from the bus, but one person had to be transported to the hospital.

Fire fighters across the nation risk their lives everyday to fight fires and respond to emergencies, including vehicle accidents.  The reason why a fire unit will go to a scene of an accident is because rescue trucks are equipped with extrication tools and other special rescue equipment in case the vehicle catches on fire.  If there is a life or death scenario, you want all the equipment available immediately.

Fortunately the bus accident was not extremely serious, but regardless of how serious any accident is, it’s highly recommended to consult with a Richmond accident attorney  – especially if you are injured.

We’d like to recognize and pay tribute to all the fire fighters in Richmond who work selflessly so that people can be safe, especially the seven Virginia fire fighters who died in the line of duty this past year.  They were honored at the 14th annual Fallen Firefighter Memorial Service in Richmond.  

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