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Tractor Trailer Accidents Common on Interstate 64 | Richmond Truck Accident Lawyer

Interstate 64 has seen its fair share of car wrecks over the years, especially collisions involving tractor trailer trucks. It is one of the most dangerous highways in the state of Virginia. Just recently an accident took place on I-64 involving a tractor trailer and a car which shut down the highway for several hours.

The driver of the car, Jessica Aguero, 22, of Langley Virginia was flown to the hospital by helicopter while the driver of the tractor-trailer, Douglas Hartwill, of Richmond, Virginia was transported to a local hospital for minor injuries. Virginia State Police has cited Hartwill with following too closely.

Aguero currently has charges pending against her. Allegedly she had slammed on her brakes to avoid traffic. Her car skidded and ended up in a perpendicular angle to the traffic. Hartwill then slammed into Aguero’s car.

Tractor trailers are very common on Virginia highways. Unfortunately because of their size, many accidents involving tractor trailers are fatal.  Make sure you are aware of the dangers of driving around large tractor trailers trucks.

At O’Bryan Law we represent people who have been involved in an accident with one of these trucks.  It’s important to seek the help of a good Richmond tractor trailer accident lawyer who specializes in these types of accidents because there are many variables involved.  An experienced lawyer is well aware of the specific laws associated with tractor trailers in the state of Virginia and can do a thorough investigation.

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