I grew up in an average family and was the first in my family to become a lawyer and only the second to receive a college education. My father was a foreman in a tobacco factory and my mother was a housewife.

I attended law school at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia where I was president of the student body. I went on to be president of the law alumni where I pioneered its first fundraising program, which has since grown to a million dollar a year operation.

After graduating, I practiced law for three years with a firm representing insurance companies. After learning their tricks and seeing their attitudes, I decided I didn’t like the way they operated.

Therefore, I decided to go into general practice on my own where I began representing individuals in personal injury and other kinds of cases.

In 1977, I was elected to the House of Delegates where I served four years on the Courts of Justice committee. I saw firsthand how our legislative system works and, more importantly, how it does not. I was able to see the influence of big insurance companies and that the rights of the average person were not being protected.

In 1981, I formed a partnership which handled only personal injury cases. This establishment evolved into the largest personal injury firm in Virginia.

In 2000, i retired from the firm, but quickly discovered that I did not like being retired. I then decided to return to a solo practice to help people in personal injury cases. I disliked being in a large outfit and now enjoy being away from the hassle of running a large law firm. I am fulfilled in my endeavors by working with injured people and their families.

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