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Little property damage, mild brain injury | Virginia Accident Injury Lawyer

April 19, 2010 1 comment

Little property damage, but motorist suffers mild brain injury – $1,250,000 Settlement « Virginia Lawyers Weekly.

Here is an interesting case that was mediated to a settlement in northern Virginia. For more information about mediation check out my article Case Mediation in Virginia accident injury cases.

Apparently, the plaintiff was rear-ended and the car suffered very little property damage. The woman who was injured ended up suffering a mild brain injury from the crash and the case settled for $1.2 million in mediation.

The defense argued that such a mild impact could not have caused the plaintiffs brain damage, but the testimony of her treating doctors and her co-workers, friends, and family were the key to her getting a fair settlement.

We hear similar statements from insurance adjusters all the time. Things like “The car was barely damaged. They couldn’t be badly hurt.” Yet we often see people in just this situation. It just goes to show that you can never tell what kind on injuries an accident will cause.

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