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Dog Bite Victim Gets National Attention

Dogs are unpredictable creatures, and even though a dog has always been good-natured in the past, you just never know what is going to make them snap.

You may have heard about the Denver anchor woman who was bit by an 85-pound Argentine mastiff live on the air. Kyle Dyer of KUSA-TV was interviewing the dog’s owner, Michael Robinson, after the dog was rescued from an icy pond the day before. Kyle Dyer received 70 stitches while the dog went through a 10-day quarantine.

Michael Robinson told reporters that the dog may have been “spooked” by the lights. Perhaps the dog felt uncomfortable being in unfamiliar territory and having someone in its face. This story got national attention, and could serve as a reminder to not get too close to a dog that doesn’t know you regardless of how friendly it might appear.

At O’Bryan Law Firm we help victims of a dog bite accident receive compensation for any medical bills and physical or psychological scars that may occur. A dog owner has to be responsible for keeping their pet under control at all times.

Find out more about what you should do after an animal has bitten or attacked you.


Help Prevent Dog Bites This Summer | Richmond, VA Dog Bite Attorney

Summer is just around the corner, and that means people will be spending more time outdoors with their dogs. It’s been awhile since we’ve come across any news about dog bites in the Richmond, Virginia area, which is a good thing!

National Dog Bite Prevention Week was a couple weeks ago, but nonetheless, it’s important any time of the year to raise awareness about dog bite injuries. Proper education and training for dog owners along with advice and tips on how people can avoid being bitten will hopefully help decrease instances of dog bites. There were nearly 33,000 reconstructive procedures on dog bite victims in the United States in 2010, an 8 percent increase from 2009, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

If you are the owner of the dog, you may want to consider a homeowners insurance policy that provides coverage for dog bites. Make sure to review your policy carefully to ensure that you are protected and avoid any policy that does not include it. If your dog has a history of aggression and has been put in quarantine by Animal Control, they may require you to provide proof of insurance showing $100,000 in liability coverage.

In past blog posts, we’ve provided tips for preventing dog bites and offered advice on what to do if you’ve been bitten by a dog. Also, here is more information about dog bite laws in Virginia .

If you are a victim of a dog attack, make sure to contact a Richmond , VA dog bite attorney .

Virginia Dog bite laws | Richmond VA injury Attorney

April 14, 2010 Leave a comment

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Toddler dies in pit bull attack | Virginia dog bite lawyer

October 6, 2009 Leave a comment

Toddler dies in pit bull attack.

Another tragic death in Virginia last week when a 23-month-old girl was killed by the family’s pet pit-bull dog. The dog had no prior history of biting or bad behavior, and was voluntarily given to animal control officers and euthanized.

Please remember that children should never be around dogs without adult supervision.

If you or your child has experienced a dog bite or animal attack get an experienced Virginia dog bite lawyer to help you with your case.

Akita dog jumps from car, attacks woman in VA Beach | Virginia Dog bite lawyer

Akita jumps from car, attacks passerby in Va. Beach.

Around noon last Tuesday at Wilco gas station on the 400 block of Princess Anne Road in Virginia Beach an Akita dog jumped out of the car it was in and attacked a woman who was passing by the vehicle.

Two people helped the woman and got the dog back in the car. The woman was taken to the hospital for surgery after suffering injuries to her throat.

Charges against the owner are pending and the animal has been put in quarantine by animal control officials.

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